Tuesday, July 19, 2011

After HOW MANY LONG YEARS of staying HIATUS, here I am back with blogging. I have deserted my blog for years now, and I can pretty say that I'll be back for a while ( that is if school gets along with me, let's pray for that. ) .Things have been pretty hectic with school this corner and it doesn't help that I AM in my 4th year now. CLTS and Review sessions has been keeping me VERY busy , add the projects given and assignments, HECK IT'S SO TIRING ! But, well, as they say, IT'S LIFE ? And, I'm pretty sure I'll be missing my HIGH SCHOOL days for this coming how many months . Stepping into college will be a big deal and I'll be wanting to go back to the days. ANYWAY, yeah, I'll try my best to keep up with blogging and whatsoever . SO, see you around. DROP me a comment and talk to me . CIAO . :> .

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I told myself never to love, cuz I know that it hurts
" You're still young, the never ending road has many in store for you.."
I still believe in that
But, if ever.
Everything ends with nothing.
I'll be glad to accept the truth.
HEARTBREAK doesn't deserve me.
It's just too good to be true
-Gasuma, nomu mianhe-
~Elaine Joy Labsores

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