Monday, July 27, 2009

Wonder Girls - Nobody (English) lyrics

[yoobin] - elaine
You Know I still Love You Baby.
And it will never change. (Saranghae)

[sunye] - elaine
I want nobody nobody but you, I want nobody nobody but you
How can I be with another, I dont want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

[sunmi] - charmine
Why are you try to, to make me leave you
I know what youre thinking
Baby why arent you listening
How can I just
Just love someone else and
Forget you completely
When I know you still love me

[sohee] - arrabella
Telling me youre not good enough
My life with you is just too tough
You know its not right so
Just stop and come back boy
How can this be
When we were meant to be

[yeeun] – elaine, charmine, arrabella
I want nobody nobody but you, I want nobody nobody but you
How can I be with another, I dont want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

[sunye] - all
I want nobody nobody but you, I want nobody nobody but you
How can I be with another, I dont want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

[sunmi] - theodee
Why cant we just, just be like this cause
its you that i need and nothing else until the end
Who else can ever make me feel the way I
I feel when Im with you, no one will ever do

[sohee] - thalia
Telling me youre not good enough
My life with you is just too tough
You know me enough so
you know what I need boy
Right next to you is where I need to be.

[yeeun] - all
I want nobody nobody but you, I want nobody nobody but you
How can I be with another, I dont want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

[sunye] - all
I want nobody nobody but you, I want nobody nobody but you
How can I be with another, I dont want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I dont want nobody, body
I dont want nobody, body

[yeeun] – kung cno may kaya nito
Honey you know its you that I want, Its you that I need
Why cant you see~

[yeeun] - all
I want nobody nobody but you, I want nobody nobody but you
How can I be with another, I dont want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

[sunye] - all
I want nobody nobody but you, I want nobody nobody but you
How can I be with another, I dont want any other
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

[yoobin] - elaine
Back to the days when we were so young and wild and free
Nothing else matters other than you and me
so tell me why cant it be
please let me live my life my way
why do you push me away
i dont want nobody nobody nobody nobody but you..

Friday, July 24, 2009

It's 2 in the afternoon and I haven't eaten lunch nor took a bath. I'm just not in the mood to do so. Whatever. haha. Right now, I'm in the mood of being interrogated. I'm interrogatin myself in Facebook, there's tons of quiz , It's fun answering them and knowing the results make you laugh to the extent that you really wished for more quizzes. Mind you, I never loved quizzes but make this an exception. keke~~ well. If you're having no fun at all. Visit Facebook and answer quizzes, it's totally hilarious. :))


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Grrr. I dunnoe. I have so many problems right now.

1.) HW. They aren't the abc's that you think.
2.)Filipino Poem. Rizal oh Rizal, why this deep?!
3.) A.P Quiz. I know it would just come. I can't break loose right now , not now please.

My last problem is the most difficult. Call me crazy or light-headed. But the ones stated above are problems I know that many has in mind right now. I can go with it and ease it for 2 years, those problems are a cycle anyways. But for this one. I need a decision. LIVEJOURNAL, WORDPRESS OR BLOGGER?

Let's start with the factors:


I find it uncomfortable here especially with the layout options, I find it hard to find a suitable layout that fits my taste, limited websites offer LJ layouts so it's very unconventional. On the other hand, I can compare LJ to a social networking system similar like FS, Myspace or the like. You won't feel like blogging everything to yourself since there are various communities you can join in to not just friends. So it's also fun fun fun. Another thing is icons and picz. In LJ, I find it very convenient to post icons and the like. I dunnoe why, but that's my opinion.


In the case of Worpress, I don't feel like alienish when logging in, it has the BLOGGER feel in which I got used to in. But, what I like most is the comment moderation it has in it. At least feel some gratitude of others in your way. This is a thing BLOGGER lacks and well, I can't blame them. :D DISADVANTAGE? I'm way too lazy to fix my wordpress account. I LOVE BLOGGER!!



Tuesday, July 21, 2009

AHEM. I took all the advantage. uwaah. Don't be mad. Anyweix.


Anyweix. I just want to thank all the OWNERS. here they are:

  • sugarzai :Hanchul vs. Kyuteuk game cut

  • cowmoose42:Heechul and Hankyung Handsex Cut

  • pr13ansj :HanChul romantic cut - Intimate note

  • hanhee love : Heechul Kick

  • coolsokkergal56 : Happy B day geng from Heechul

  • nGhibudDy : Heechul surprise b day party- Full House

  • chaan : Heechul the Impersonator

  • PJM : Wo De Kuai Le. mp3

  • ilovekidoya : Ariel Lin Fireflies MV w/ SJ , DONGHAE AND SIWON eng subs

  • MINE. keke. no need to credit at all : Fireflies. mp3

  • Alizaraf : Time of Waiting. mp3


  • farayh : 2PM- Again&&Again. mp3

  • jypentertainment : 2PM - Again&&Again MV

  • emma : 2NE1- Fire.mp3

  • YGladies : 2NE1- fire MV

  • httpkoreanindowordpresscom : 2NE1-I don't care.mp3

  • TheGracefulSub : 2NE1- I don't care MV

  • To those above. Thank you so much. I will forever be of debt. :)

    I'll be crediting people every now and then, so please don't accuse me of shoplifting. :)) kekeke..

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    Monday, July 20, 2009

    Monday, July 20, 2009, at exactly 11: 02 PM . I changed my layout! You might be wondering, from "You're a mystery yourself." Ms. NOBODY changed it to something like "Heartbroken". For that, I just want something RANDOM. I'm one myself. Hahahaha. Don't be so surprised that I changed my blog layout to something so plain. Call it plain, I call it SIMPLE with the WOW! Don't agree with me? I couldn't care less. ;)


    Saturday, July 18, 2009

    I'm going to disobey you agaiin.. chuuuriii. :(

    Right now, I don't feel like being a typo all about my BIO-graphy again. I think I'm craving kindness. :D. Or maybe correct me for it's selfishness? keke~ SONGS. Korean ? yes. Here are some download links,just feel lke sharing them.

    2PM- "Again && Again"
    2PM has returned with their rythmic song, "Again && Again",which is the single for their newest mini album entitled, "Time For Change" has this feel that makes one feel relaxed after a day of work. Well, at least that's what I feel, Remember. COOMPPPROOOMMIIISSSEE. :P

    Watch here!

    2NE1- "Fire"
    Four- girl group 2NE1 who just debuted last march this year blasted the music industry with their collaboration with YG's Big Bang , sum it up? "Lollipop" . They proved that It is the women's generation with the release of their debut song, "Fire" Which topped the Mnet chart for weeks. Good job ladies!

    Watch here!

    2NE1- "I Don't Care"
    Another 2NE1 blast once again! Finally! They have released their 1st mini album with "I Don't Care" as it's single. The song is a reggae R&&B type. For all Love-torn girls out there,for Crying out loud, Leave the stupid boys alone for their life, Leave it to Karma. :)) AHEM, this is best for youooohh~~

    Watch here!
    Waahh. I'm so sleepy already..yaahh!! At this time! Need to exit guys! well! I better go! annd!! I'll finish this tomorroooww!! I promise!!!

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    Thursday, July 16, 2009

    It's a day. Owyeah. This day is Crap. =) . soree for the malicious language. Can I even just for a single post unleash every single crap from my heart?

    ahem. It's a crappy idiotic day. Yeah. Though I still ended typing and composing something about my life in this crappy blog of mine, I still dunnoe.

    Wait! G2G for a moment, I'm gonna eat. I'll edit this later. TOODLES!


    Soree for the late edit. Just when I thought this day would turn crap. For a minute here, It turned out the way I didn't expect it to be. We had Aikido class, iT was fun, for a minute out there, I started daydreaming about me monopolyzing people through martial arts,(I'm turning Shit*.). haha. Dun worrie, I'm not that much of an expert to do so, sooo. I think it's just a dream???? But if not so , Get ready to meet your doom. AHEM. Back to the real world* Last night, we had games and had lots of FUN FUN FUN !!!. Pinoy Henyo. Think about mucus . I didn't expect it to be on the food category..hmm.. anyweeexxx. EEEEWW. ahah. :)). Aikido lessons were fun, SenseiS and SenpaiS were very kind and considerate to the newbies (us. or ONLY ME?) . They taught us everything we need to know about it. It was a tiring, bone - breaking, mind-twisting and heart -aching experience for me. But for once in my life that I thought a bone-breaking , mind-twisting and heart-aching experience be more that just a way of technique but also a way of life to me. (Confucious just rose from the dead everybody..wwooh. JOking) . hAHHA. GET READY AIKIDO! I'M NEVER GONNA STOP LOVING YOU. :)


    Tuesday, July 14, 2009

    The virus has reached it's limit. May I myself declare it as an Pandemic . IPSAis getting overrated.. aaaaahhhh.!! When I think about it, I wonder if I would be next? Nah. Thinking about it would only makes matters worst. Anyweeeiixx. What am I talking about here. Just related about the A(H1N1) pandemic. But I'm not saying IPSA has it. It's just so frivolous . Think about 105 students absent a day! A day, I say. (Did I get the right info.? Please correct me if otherwise, gamsahamnida!) Who might not think , even for a minute, that it is related to the virus.? Scold me for being a nega, but it's just so obscure how that many persons can be gone for a day. Oh. Simbako. I wish whatever on my mind right now won't be the truth, cause the truth hurts. Especially injection. Ouch!

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    Sunday, July 12, 2009

    Ho-ho! Hei everyone. Sorry for the absence these consecutive days. I have been quite busy with school works . I know, it sucks right? Oh well. Anyweiz, I know I haven't been updating much about my BIO-graphy . lol. But, Chay told me to. It's not that she forced me to do it or sumthing. My instincts just told me that Chay's observation was right. Totally right. Well, anyweix, here's a little chit-chat about today's phenomena.

    Morning.Went in the room, with doubts about whatever this day would bring me, I sat and waited for the upcoming subject. Many were asking me about our statistics assignment, but I wasn't the mood for anything like that early in the morning, but, what can I do, they're my classmates and I consider them also my close family, hmmpphh. I check their assignments if they did it right, and I wasn't wrong, for they did. It wasn't a miracle for me, they're at the top section after all. Even i could say that I even trust their answers more than my own. :)) Laugh all you want, the truth hurts but I'm being honest here. Then, maam Ilas enters the room, she looks happy, I felt jealous about how she could smile like that, it hurts to smile when you don't want to. And this day just felt like one. English time came and even on the first scenario, I put my grimaced face on, I got a low score in our mastery. Ohw. Whatever. It just gives me the dissapointments in life. I don't think much about it. After that, maam discusses about the Immune system, (don't even ask why we got to Science..) Then, annoying Marco tells us jokes that are corny but in a way funny..Even though I don't want to laugh, I don't want to be known as a "Noisy-person-during-class-hours" , I can't stop myself, he tells jokes im a way that my poor tummy dies in pain of laughter, I just can't hold my laughter back. The consequence? Warned by our teacher and being known as noisy. :( .

    Even though I didn't promise to not do it again in front of maam Ilas. (our secret k?) . I got the guilty feeling that I should. I think I'm going crazy thinking of it. keke~ If ever that is, oh well, even so, I could still change right? I PROMISE. :D


    Friday, July 10, 2009

    Saengil Chukha Hamnida Heenim!

    Think of someone who could make your day . With that someone, you'll laugh endlessly as if it's the last day of your life. But, also, with that someone, you can think that it's the end of the world and that you carry all the burdens with you.

    Did you guess right?

    If you have the ESP syndrome with you, you guessed right, it's Super Junior's Flower Boy Kim Heechul.

    Heechul facts:

    Name: 희철 / Hee Chul (Hui Cheol) meaning : Hope and Clear
    Real name: 김희철 / Kim Hee Chul (Kim Hui Cheol)
    C-Name: Xi Che (希澈)
    English name: Casey Kim (why Casey? ahha. still so flowery.. keke~~)
    Nickname: Cinderella, Heerobbong, Flower (At least he calls himself this way :) )
    Profession: Actor, singer, host and model
    Birthdate: 1983-Jul-10
    Height: 179cm
    Weight: 60kg
    Star sign: Cancer
    Blood type: AB (he's not weird nor abnormal, he's just so special xD)
    Talent agency: SM Entertainment

    What makes Kim Heechul so special?

    -He's special in a way that he makes jokes with no relevance, but, it's funny in a way that you'll laugh like crazy.

    -He's special in a way that when he gets mad, it's a disaster for all Suju members.

    -He's special in a way that he shows his true personality off and on cam.

    -He's special in a way that NETIZENS consider him as a gay for kissing guys or whatever. FOR ME, whatever. Mind your own buisness people!

    -He's special in a way that he is KIM HEECHUL, that whatever people say about him, make it in a negative or in a positive way, he's still standing strong. The Heechul we see on shows right now who gives a smile on our faces is the same HEECHUL we first saw years ago. :D

    Let's make a flasback, a small yearbook.

    -July 10, 1985, Our precious Kim Heechul was born. The first time he discovered that there was this world for him to live on.

    -Octobr 2002, Kim Heechul discovered SM Entertainment's Starlight Casting System. He and his friends came to Seoul to audition.

    -2005, Kim Heechul started to be a face we started to admire on.
    - Kim Heechul starred in the teen drama,Sharp 2,which he acted alongside Kibum.

    -November 6, 2005, Kim Heechul Debuted after years of training together with his family, Super Junior.

    -2006, The hit of their first album "U"
    - Heechul starred as the supporting character Gong Min in Bad Family.

    -August 10, 2006, Kim Heechul had a car accident causing him to break portions of his leg.

    -September 13, 2006, KIm Heechul was release from the hospital, and received out patient care.

    -Ocotber 10, 2006, Kim Heechul went back to the hospital to remove some of the iron rods in his leg.

    -2007, he starred in the popular family drama Golden Bride as Kim Young-soo.

    -February 2007,Kim Heechulwas able to perform on stage as a member of Super Junio-T.

    -2008, The remaining rods were removed.

    -September 9 to November 9, 2008, Heechul and Kang-in starred in the Korean version of the musical Xanadu, sharing the lead role Sonny.

    -2009, The hit of their 3jip, "Sorry, Sorry"

    As much as I love EunHae,this couple follows them. keke~~ I love both of them, dorksh. When they're together Geng 's the poor one while Heenim does all stupid stufs to Geng ..taking the advantage that he's Chinese and can't understand much Korean. CUTE!

    Some vids of Hanchul couple:

    taken at their fan meetin in Japan, they were playing a game here . Then Geng took the advantage to make fun of Heenim . LOL! This was really funy.

    As much as the title says, I was shocked too. haha. Just watch it. :)) Note: Translations are at the information.

    This was on Intimate note. This was the part where they were testing the closeness of Kangin and Sungmin. HanChul couple was given the duty of giving the task and I think to demonstrate it too? keke~

    hAHAHA..Heechul's Kick!

    Happy B day geng from heechul. cute. :)

    Heechul's surprise b-day party (Full House)

    Heechul impersonates people. :)
    Well, I'm also going to post a Heechul spam! ahha. :)) Compromise people! Happy B day again Chullie oppa!

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    Wednesday, July 8, 2009

    Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do! wah. =). I guess it's the first thing (or at least) that I've heard when I had my voice training lessons. haha. :) But, don't get me wrong. I'm not gonna write up everything about my voice lessons nor my life,so don't put on a grimaced face. :)) . I'm talking about the Korean romance, comedy (with a tragedy slice. ) movie way back 2008. Really, I saw the movie together with my friend and it's very touching, funny and of course romantic.

    Watch the Full Movie Here!

    Doremifasolatido is all about Jung-Won(Cha Ye-ryeon), a tough girl who wears a dragon suit (since it's part of her part-time job), then here comes guys who make fun of her making her angry all out. She then pours juice on Eun-Gyu(Jang Geun-suk) who laughs at her. Then , all DESTINY makes some adjustmenst here an there and then POOF! They've become a couple in the earlier part of the movie. Why early? Because of the bittersweet elements that come between them. First is Jung-Won's ex-close friend Hee Won(Jeong Eui-chul) who , after 10 years of no communication and suffering, meets her again. He threatens Jung-Won not to be with Eun-Gyu or else. ( you know that. =) ) But then, the world turns upside down and Hee-Won reconciles w/ Jung Won (for a reason I can't tell, cuz it might spoil everything. *shut*) Now, the problem is, Will their relationship work despite these circumstances on their way?

    Well, if you don't trust my synopsis, for I don't care. Here's the full information.
    Info here!

    Some Screenshots:

    Why have we decided to watch it? Because of Jang Geun Suk!

    Geun Suk oppa! So cute cute cute! ADORABLE! ahha. anyweix. Really, he resembles Sam Concepcion. They both act, both sing, both are idols in their respective countries and of course not forgetting that they're both cute. =)

    Anyweix. Don't you know that Jang Geun Suk sang the OST for this? yeahp! It's entitled "Time of waiting/ Waiting for the Time" .The song's melancholic melody touches your soul deeply toning with the movie's concept. Way to Go Geun Suk oppa! =)

    Just found out that the original version was sung by Jung Joonil.

    More Screenshots:

    "Time of Waiting/ Waiting for the Time"

    salmyeoshi dununeul gameumyeon
    eoneu sae naege ddeo(h)oreuneun
    geurohgkedo itgo shipeotteon
    neoreul poreuneun naui norae
    kieokhago itni uri hamgge haetteon
    haengbokhan shigan deureul
    kidarilsu pakke eopneun nan
    amumaldo harsu eopneun nan
    neol parapomyeon nunmuri heurreo
    saranghalsu pakke opneunde
    ineungeotpoda apeumi naege deo swiunde
    dorawa jul sun opneungeoni

    maleopshi neol ponaeya haetteon
    geu jarie dashi seoisseo
    jogeumssik meorojyeo gadeon
    neol parapomyeo heureudeon nunmul
    ireohge pyeonhameopshi chagaun gyejeoreun
    dashi chatawajiman
    kidarilsu pakke eopneun nan
    amumaldo harsu eopneun nan
    neol parapomyeon nunmuri heurreo
    saranghalsu pakke opneunde
    ineungeotpoda apeumi naege deo swiunde
    dorawa jul sun opneungeoni
    pamsewo kidohan geu hanmadi
    naege dolawajwo
    kidarilsu pakke eopneun nan
    amumaldo harsu eopneun nan
    neol parapomyeon nunmuri heurreo
    saranghalsu pakke opneunde
    ineungeotpoda apeumi naege deo swiunde

    dorawa jul sun opneungeoni
    nae nunmuri da mareuki jeone
    nae geurium yi nareul ddeonaki jeone
    naui noraega daheulsu igil

    Download it here!
    Song here!

    So, if you're a person who loves sad and somewhat tragedic love stories, this is appropriate for you, and, I tell you, If somewhat in another perspective, (keke~) that you're like me, prepare the tissues people!

    Final Screenshots:

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    Fireflies. Never thought this name would make a mark on me. Ah. Yes. I'm talking about Ariel Lin's Newest song that's been my newest addiction. YESH! It's "Fireflies". wohooo! I really love this song. The meaning's so . uhm. Well. It just struck me. It's not that.. that. I had the same experience but I just dunnoe why. It's sad in a way and I'm very very to the extent happy in another way! SiHae's here! Yeah! Their presence made the MV more exciting. ahh. So cute! Fishy was expressing his CUTIE side while Simba released his manly charms making the MV saddening? HMM. You gotta watch to know why. Anyway, Poor him. (I loved Siwon's Last lines, made an impression on me. )

    Here's the link.
    Watch here! credits is to the owner.

    Ah. The MV's so nice. Really. It gives a touch of Drama and Friendship (The least that I observed. argh.) First part, you can see the beautiful sceneries ( maybe somewhere in taiwan?) with Donghae's terribly beautiful voice. *melting* as somewhat the background. He sings a part of Love U More (One of their songs in the repackaged version of " Sorry, Sorry" version C). And then he asks Ariel too sing too. Well, we all know Ariel's a taiwanese, so she sings "Sorry, sorry , sorry , sorry.." and then ends up laughing at the way she sings it. =p.

    Then she speaks about happiness. Quoted:
    "Some types of happiness are not easy to forget, Do some types of happiness start like this?". . CUT! Story goes on.. Then the scene shows
    Donghae and Siwon greeting each other, it's like they haven't seen each other for ages, which is the bitter truth. keke~~ .Siwon then asks , "Where is the car?" Donghae points it then proceeds there. He happily opens the door (waaah!!! His smiling face! OMG!! ) and then clueless Ariel was gonna greet Siwon but, TADA!
    Flashback Flashback.

    I think they were lovers ..but then, for a
    reason that I don't know, Siwon had to leaver her behindt, making
    Ariel sad, I think there was no communication, then here comes
    MR. DONGHAE from Seoul asking for her guidance until they eventually fell in love with each other and then. that's it!

    Then, they fool around..churva churva. Until then, Ariel slept on Donghae's shoulder. (sweet couple) then, he tells Siwon how he feels about her and tells him that he will never leave her and plans to be beside her forever. Struck Siwon right? Ouch.

    aahw. Then, Donghae asks about
    Siwon finding his lost love. Siwon tells him that he has found it but can never take it back. He quoted "Every meeting, it's a type of Happiness,no matter when or where, whoever you meet or how the ending goes..It's all a type of Happiness." Then, with that he leaves, takes the train bids goodbye. The Two left behind just
    smiled at each other and Held their hands tightly together.

    The MV was more like a story to me..hmm.. More like a..what do you call that, uhm. A short novel? something like that. aheehe..well.Sorry for the stupid descriptions. I'm not like an english expert nor more like a Journalism student neither. So, compromise people!

    Download song here!
    Song here!

    This is my mediafire account. I'm so so sorry that it wasn't just the song and totally just it, I just converted it to Mp3 , I tried to look for a download link around the web, ans trust me, none. =(

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    Yeah!Tests just ended!Yey! The Headaches are no more. And it'sFREEDOM once again! i can't believe it.

    Well, Right now, I'm thinking of something interesting to share. But..I think I got .NOTHING in mind. So I think i'm gonna search the hemispheres of my brain . SO BYE for now. And "Hello"since the HIATUS has been cut!


    Monday, July 6, 2009


    I'm thinking of making icons.
    It may be Super Junior,SNSD, 2NE1, DBSK or churva. =). Hm. well. Anyweix. STILL ON HIATUS! =P

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    Saturday, July 4, 2009

    NEWS! FYI everyone!

    From July 04- 09

    It is a Complete HIATUS .

    Tests are incoming, and I need to study hard for the better. :) So wish me luck. =)


    Friday, July 3, 2009

    Rides are fun right? But the us, teenagers. Wants for more. haha. Ever since the day I was born, this was the only incident when I declined for more rides. haha. why?

    Yesterday, maybe at around ..hmm. 11 . aft. Debbie called me, I was startled , my phone was ringing.

    "wo de kuai le hui hui lai de
    zhi yao qing chu ceng ai de na mo shen ke
    bu zhun wen zhi bu zhi de
    wo de kuai le hui hui lai de
    li kai bu shi shei gei le shei de xuan ze .."
    Download here!credits is to the owner.

    I picked it up and spoke in a hoarse voice.

    Me: "Hello?"
    Debbie: "Uii.! Hello, Elaine ok lang ba kung lumakad tau ngaun? (Hey! Elaine, is it okya if we go out today?)
    Me: "OK lang. Bakit?" (It's ok, why?)
    Debbie: "Gusto ko lang kx ngaun nlang pra at least bukas mkapagaral pa kau dba?" (I just want it now so at least you can study tomorrow right?)
    Me: "OK"
    Debbie: "Mga 5 ah?" (Around 5 , ok?)
    Me: "Ok"

    And then, I hung up. So, the usual. I ate for lunch, blogged myself in and eklavu, eklavu. I just wasted time . Yeah. so what. Then it struck 5. ah. 5. 5!! Gosh. I need to prepare. But stil, I was in doubt, lazy as I am, I started to lay down and rest. Then, Ding dong! I quickly made my way and Opened the door, it was Ate Jhem. She was telling me to hurry up. FINE. I will. Then, I was done, We hurriedly went outside and found that Joyce, Debbie and her parents were waiting outside. Hurry hurry! PHEW.

    Debbie: "Tagal nio ah!" (Your slow!)
    Joyce: "Oo nga" (Yahh)
    Me: "Kailangan ko pang dalhin ung Iqama ko"(I had to bring my Iqama with me.)
    Joyce: "Grabe prang dun lang no." (Wow, just for that)

    I was in a whatever mode at that time. and I just kept my silence with me. I dunnoe why. So.. whatever. We arrived at MOD (Mall of Dharan) and walked straight to Sparkys. Wait wait! REWIND! We dropped-by the C.R. and hanged out there, a very very very good spot. TOTALLY! KEKE~~ Ate Jhem was explaining about how she experimented putting Eyeliners on. and Etc. Silly me wanted to try too, but everytime i put on eyeliners by myself, it just turns out to be thick and results to teary eyes, = Eyeliners Goodbye!. aSH.. i needed somebody to put it on. I asked Debbie, and then TADA! perfect. w/ maskara on. I looked...STILL THE SAME? fine. Whatever. With nothing to waste, we tried the rides One by one hmm..let me enumerate if i remembered it correctly.

    First, it was the..uhmm.. the spaceship that spins slowly then fast. In which the name I had forgotten. LOL.

    Second, The dish that spins. Or whatever. Don't laugh at my descriptions! I'm not a journalism student. PABO!

    Third, The Airplane that at least turns us around. wee.

    Fourth and Fifth, COCONUT DROP! YEAH! The intestine crumbling ride! ahha.

    This is the only time in my life wherein "I could really swear that ......I'm never gonna dance again, Guilty feet had got no rhythm.." JOKING. CORNY? whatver. I swear. A ride more than that , naaah. You'll have to dare me for that.

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    Thursday, July 2, 2009

    Yesterday. Was- A- LOL day!

    haha. We just kept on laughing and laughing 'till the last minute second of that day.

    Morning. Wake up. Eat breakfast. Then went to school together with Ate Jhem. We had a lil' talk about the incident the day before *NEWS MODE* You know about the Filipino who was stabbed ten times in their flat by an unknown somebody who was wearing an abaya (makes him/ her unknown)? This also happened years ago, this is where "History Repeats Itself" -MRS. CHONA ABALOS. Scary right? Makes me wanna learn basic defense, Oh well. Anyweix. So, we were walking, talking. And then, we bid our goodbyes as we entered our respective rooms. So here I am, Doubting to open the door for the fear of being laughed at or whatever. Still, Stupid me opened it. Classmates chatting, laughing and etc. Well, what is to be afraid of at a scene like this? I searched for my 2 bffs . But they still weren't around , Unlucky me went to my seat and settled my things, studied for Math ('cuz we're having a quiz) and Nothing. As in, Nothing entered my brain. OK. i got the sign, this is gonna be an unlucky day for me. Before I thought of anything NEGA again, somebody grabbed my arm and smiled as if she had no problems, it was bff no. 1 , Allyza. I asked her about the Math problem and she sitted beside me and voluntiraly teached me. For how many times? 10. Yes. You heard saw it right. Seeing how dumb-headed I am in Math, she teached me until I understood. (But, I still asked many of my classmates to teach me after. keke~~) BFF 2 comes in the scene, Debbie, She helped Allyza to teach me. Ring! OK. The Signal for classes, so, my Retarded seatmate (just like me xD) sat and we chatted (though maam Ilas was discussing) uhm. And I forgot what we just talked about. MIANHE! So here comes Math time, quiz time, gulp. One look at the problem given and I'm gonna faint. ahhh. OK. Just like what Allyza taught me. Ok. Scribble Scribble. And guess what? I got a 17/19. yippeee! Lunch came and me, Chay and Romeo were arguing if we should pay a riyal (since we got the highest scores, it's part of our deal) Witty me told Chay, that everytime Romeo gets the higest score, Paying will be a NO-- NO. The new rule imposed BY ME was approved and I got a SMILE on my face knowing how Romeo can always get the highest scores. It's not a doubt for a 1st honor. keke~ After lunch, I just got the feeling that this will be enjoying. Bla bla. Seonsaeng-nim Abalos was discussing all about the flu A(H1N1). and everything about it that we need to know. Biology came , the most funny part. Seonsaeng -nim Diansay was telling us not to cheat. The 3 groups all goes "YEEESSS~~~" but when Mrs. Diansay turns her back on us, we all go, "Tell me the answer in case I dunnoe." keke~ evil evil students. The game goes. And us telling answers, something MRS. Diansay can't prevent. She just laughed at the thought of it. keke~ We were on a lookout when we saw Adam telling answers, evil us called him and told him no to cheat and then he was like "WA~~LLAA~" (NO..) Funny part was , he was putting gesturing his hands in a push position and waving it all around , somewhat like a Jamaica Dance. We were all going to die in laughter when he made another gesture that marked on us, NOBLE. He stood up in victory (since they got the highest score) and held his polo pulling it on the outside and shouted "Omaigashhh!" , OMG. That loud voice and that pricelees face gave us the tickles and LOL. It was like Everybody was infected by it, a virus more intense than the pandemic A(H1N1). Funny, really. The day ended with us, NOBLE, passing GMs around with the newest PANDEMIC with no cure "OMAIGASSHH".


    -Aysh corrected me of 22 instead of 10 stabs, scarier? Yes!
    -and oh! The aircon! Thanks for the remind, keke~~ My pare, Adrian, while being a disciple of Adam, stood up and overdid the "OMAIGASHH" action and smacked the aircon. SAPUUULL! The cover got off and instead off worrying, silence came, and. puwaahaha! Laughter entered! Nice one pare!


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