Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recently, just got head over heels over this problem. Not mine, but my friends' problems. Though, I won't mention who, it would be understandable right? It's a personal matter after all. It's only between that friend and me.

I admit, that even though I haven't felt that sensation , I'm also not that dumb or heartless to not even care. I have seen all the hardships and pain that my friends have recieved from LOVE. I have seen all the tears that have been shed, and from my perspective, I can't ease to see them that way. Ever since the first tear that I have wiped from my friend's face, I have sworn that I'll help them no matter what. That no matter how trival it can be, I'll be one of the persons that she/ he will thank after the storm. Even with that simple gesture,It can make my day better. I have encountered tons of problems about this matter, and , even though without the experience, I must admit, I have helped them even in the simplest way. "My girlfriend's too harsh..", "My girlfriend's too bossy, I think she doesn't love me anymore.." , "What do I do? I don't know in what stage are we already..!" , "I'm afraid my parent's would know about my boyfriend.."- these are some of the problems I have encountered already...FUNNY? Many people thinks so. They think that I don't get serious at all and just talk talk and talk. bla bla bla. You got me wrong. I can get serious sometimes and LOVE isn't an excuse to be.

Anyweix. I won't share the main problem. Maybe, I could share what's my opinions? I think that we, as girls get hurt easily, for me, simple words can back us down easily. Fragile as they say so be careful boys! But, I say it, but am not it. Simple words won't let me cry. Just before, I have said that I don't understand boys' nature. But a second ago did I realize that boys are human beings and has feelings that are FRAGILE TOO. It's just their MANLINESS and PRIDE that they protect also as with their TEARS too. AIISHH. Whatver, TIP: "Don't let the OPURTUNITY pass boys, IT JUST PASSES ONCE."


Monday, August 10, 2009

Back? Or bored?


ahhahahahah. :D. The answer is TIRED. :)

Anyweix. Here I am, greeting you and taking an apology from you for the long absence. AND I THINK I'M MAKING A LEAVE NOW. FOR what happened today? CLLLIIICCKKKIIEEE!


Friday, August 7, 2009

SORREE for the late updates. and yeah. It's tests. watever. We better not talk about stuffs like that anymore. I get irritated with it. ANNYYWEEEIIX. I've moved to LJ, but once in a while, I'm gonna update my blogger too. Since it's my first official blog ever since. And, please do visit me in LiveJournal MY LIVEJOURNAL. There it is! PLEASE DO ONCE IN A WHILE VISIT ME. :)


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