Monday, June 29, 2009

I hate reports! I hate ON THE SPOT OUTLINES!It makes my world go crazy. It makes my mind spind around. I think I'm gonna be crazy! PABOis AP. PABO is our seonsaeng.PABOis everything connected to it! IN SHORT! what a PABO-itic day!UPDATING while doing our stupid OUTLINE. GOOOSSSH. Help me!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Ohhahaha..yahh..OBSSESION. Who?

Yeah! RIGHT . RIGHT. BINGO! Spreading the IDOL-ism across ASIA. (And maybe all over the world?) . Cool.Hot.Funny. 13- member boy group SUPER JUNIOR! *crazy* I dunnooeee why I'm so obssesed with them. I'm just so. super. argh. . How could you not be obssesed with these super OPPA's Singing and Dancing, really! Incredible! PROOF? why don't you take a look.

ahaha..yeahp? Cool right. Well, anyweix. For now , I'll end it here. I think I', having a major headache from all these craziness. Anyweix. Part 2 of the intro will be up so. ANNYEONG!


Hello everyone!

Blogging here is Elaine. Yes. Elaine Joy B. Labesores. A 2nd year student of International Philippine School In Al-Khobar. I'm 14 but neverthless, I don't care. =)) I don't really want to get older nor younger. I'm staying 14. For all you know, I'm staying 14 all the way. A heart of a teenager. kekeke~~ I think that's all that you need to know about my personal life? OWYEAH! I'm a Filipino and I'm proud of it N-O- M-A-T-T-E-R W-H-A-T Y-O-U S-A-Y. BLEH. xP.

I'm an Outgoing girl who loves changes (but either way, dislikes it too. :D) I can pick a fight whenever I want to but for everybody's sake, I step aside. PRIDE is the number one 'cause of foolishness in this world. So, whatever. You can have your first impression about me as girly, quiet and whatsoever (at least that's what they say)..But don't take it as that all the way. Because whatever written above is completely opposite of who I am,..I'm quite boyish and loud. But I know where is my place so don't worry everyone. This girl won't make any scandals while around. NICE TO MEET YOU ALL!

And, oh! Did I say that I love studying? xP. haha..:))


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I told myself never to love, cuz I know that it hurts
" You're still young, the never ending road has many in store for you.."
I still believe in that
But, if ever.
Everything ends with nothing.
I'll be glad to accept the truth.
HEARTBREAK doesn't deserve me.
It's just too good to be true
-Gasuma, nomu mianhe-
~Elaine Joy Labsores

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